Sue Averett, MA, MSW

Sue AverettService: Reiki
 Sue has been practicing and teaching Reiki for more than 20 years. She’s been educated and has and extensive experience in the fields of social work and counseling, with additional specific training in issues surrounding grief and loss, and has run support groups for both adults and teens. She provides Reiki from a place of true compassion and understanding of the effects of trauma and loss, and interweaves this knowledge with the gentle comfort of Reiki energy healing, which helps to calm the heart and the emotions, and facilitate a person’s own natural ability to heal and rejuvenate on both physical and emotional levels. Sue strives to create a very comfortable, safe, and serene space for healing work, and invites you to give Reiki a try.
Number of sessions offered: up to six free sessions, in gratitude for all you do for our community.
Phone: 360.331.3393

Summer Ewart


Service: Reiki healing, EFT, and Matrix Reimprinting
 Reiki healing is a Japanese healing art that involves the placing of hands on different parts of the body and facilitating a relaxation and flow of energy to return, where energy might be blocked by trauma or other stress. The client is fully clothed and can experience a range of benefits, greater peace, increased energy, and pain relief from stress-induced conditions. Reiki leads to an overall sense of increased well-being.
Number of sessions offered: Determined on a per client basis
Phone: 360.969.4266