EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Alina Frank

Alina Frank

Service: EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques (Emotional acupuncture without needles)
 Easy and effective release of trauma. I offer free sessions to any emergency responder. I have been doing this work for seven years – in the last three as a member of the EFT Stress Project, which works with returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.
Number of sessions offered: As many as needed to resolve issue related to events witnessed
Phone: 703.909.5469

Mariam Ross, MSW, LICSW

Mariam RossService: Grief/crisis counseling
Description: I’m a licensed clinical therapist with more than 20 years experience in the social work field. I work with individuals, couples, families, adolescents, and children. I have extensive experience facilitating groups, including adolescent group therapy, multifamily group, domestic violence survivors group, elders group, and bereavement support groups. I’m trained in energy psychology, specifically Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for the treatment of stress and trauma.

My approach is collaborative and person-centered. My role as a therapist is to help people change patterns and habits that were created in the past and are no longer necessary or life enhancing. I tailor therapy to meet individual needs. Modalities include Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting. I provide short-term in-home therapy and supportive services for families experiencing problems with communication, parenting stress, and child/adolescent behavior problems at home and in school.
Number of sessions offered: flexible, depending on what the particular situation requires
Phone: 360.579.2180

Lynne Donnelly,  CST, EFT Cert-II

Lynne DonnelleyService: EFT
Description: I offer EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), which is a form of self-applied acupressure that releases the energetic blocks that keep us from healing. Great for relieving trauma as well as phobias, anger, grief, physical pain, stress, etc.
Number of sessions offered: Determined on a per client basis
Phone: 360.54484.45