Counseling services

AnnapoorneProvider: Annapoorne Colangelo
Service: Counseling
Description: I began working professionally in 1969 as a counselor for incarcerated adolescent girls, then with abused children in several mental hospitals. Now, I counsel and facilitate healing in adults and incorporate what I learned about yoga, meditation, and other methods through the years. Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients: “Annapoorne’s gift is one of awakening within her clients their inherent wisdom. She holds the space for deep awareness, and with tools developed through many modalities of study and practice, she carries forth the ancient tradition of allowing healing from within.”
Number of sessions offered: Two free individual counseling, guided imagery, or intuitive reading sessions with a 20% discount per session thereafter.
Phone: 360.579.3735

Mariam RossProvider: Mariam Ross, MSW, LICSW
Service: Grief/crisis counseling
Description: I’m a licensed clinical therapist with more than 20 years experience in the social work field. I work with individuals, couples, families, adolescents and children. I have extensive experience facilitating groups, including: Adolescent group therapy, multifamily group, domestic violence survivors group, elders group, and bereavement support groups. I’m trained in energy psychology, specifically Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for treatment of stress and trauma. My approach is collaborative and person-centered. My role as a therapist is to help people change patterns and habits that were created in the past and are no longer necessary or life enhancing. I tailor therapy to meet individual needs. Modalities include: Mindfulness Based Cognitive therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting. I provide short-term in-home therapy and supportive services for families experiencing problems with communication, parenting stress, and child/adolescent behavior problems at home and in school.
Number of sessions offered: flexible, depending on what the particular situation requires
Phone: 360.579.2180, Ph.D.


Jay ShapiroProvider: Jay Shapiro

Service: Counseling
Description: After 25 years of working at veterans hospitals, where I  provided psychology services to impaired veterans, I have honed my skills to assist emergency responders and others who have to deal with traumas and work-related losses and impairments. I do talk therapy as well as specialized behavioral methods to deal with exceptional problems. These methods include Thought Field Therapy (a cousin of EFT), stress support or management, Open Focus attention training, anger management, and brain-unlocking techniques for dealing with [unwanted] obsessive ruminations or compulsive rituals. I also do psychoacoustic work that might include chanting, humming, and listening to certain tones, music, and sounds.  I do drumming and trance journey work for soul retrieval (which requires a circle of trusted people to participate in the ceremony). I also use Qi Gong, especially when energy is depleted for too long. I am a licensed psychologist, and have an office in Freeland, seeing people there Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays.  (I have also seen people in an emergency on a Sunday.)
Number of sessions offered: one hour per week for a mutually agreed-upon period of time
Phone: 206.856.8290

Sarah ManchesterProvider: Sarah Manchester
Service: Counseling
Description: I am a licensed mental health counselor with a focus on trauma and post traumatic stress. I am also a trained art therapist and trained meditation instructor. Both of these methods are helpful in the support and treatment of trauma and grief and loss. With compassion and an open heart, I offer these services for victims of tragedy.
Number of sessions offered: to be determined
Phone: 360.221.2262

Jane KlassenProvider: Jane Klassen
Service: Counseling
Description: I offer counseling for crisis follow-up or later needs. Features include:

  • co-creating sessions to meet individual, couple, or group needs
  • determining what works, and what strengths to apply to the current need
  • using guided imagery for body awareness, insight, and problem-solving
  • naming and understanding post-traumatic stress
  • bringing in body symptoms for message and metaphor
  • supporting creative expression, including writing, visual and expressive arts, movement and voice, and dream work

Number of sessions offered: 4
Phone: 360.321.0559

Susan cohen, biggerProvider: Susan E. Cohen, LICSW, LMFT, ACSW
Service: Counseling
Description: I am licensed as both a social worker and a marriage and family therapist and have been in practice since 1979. I maintain a private practice in “America.” Yet when I am here, where I live full time in Langley, I am free to give back to my community. I can offer crisis intervention, counseling, or whatever is needed and would love to help.
Number of sessions offered: whatever is needed
Phone: 425.417.1111

Provider: Ashley Crawford, PhD.DrAshleyCrawfordPhoto
Service:   Counseling & Psychological Services
Description: As a Doctor of Applied Clinical Psychology, I have a lot of experience and expertise working with individuals who have experienced trauma or are in crisis. I will help you gain a better understanding of how you have been impacted by your work, and provide a safe space to process previous events. Together we can work on ways to increase your ability to cope and find a balance in your life that helps you achieve your goals.
Number of sessions offered: Determined on a per client basis

Phone: 360.207.1865