About the advisors

Whidbey CareNet providers serve emergency responders one-on-one, but our advisors benefit all the emergency responders we serve by contributing their considerable education and experience to global projects such as our “Stress Relief for Emergency Responders” program.
Mark BradyMark Brady, PhD
Author, blogger, and rabid consumer of all things neuroscience, Mark helps make sure Whidbey CareNet’s science is sound when we make recommendations on things like how to relieve stress. Mark is the most insatiably curious person we have ever met and is generous in sharing his findings with those he knows would be interested in them. He helps us understand, and advocates for, the brain of the emergency responders we serve.

Charlene RayCharlene Ray, MSW
School-based mental health coordinator for Island County, Charlene has been with Whidbey CareNet from the very beginning. She has an amazing ability to encircle and care for an entire community while also managing somehow to remember to care for herself (Petra, especially, strives to learn from her example). As the lead counselor for Whidbey CareNet, Charlene helps us understand, and advocates for, the heart of the emergency responders we serve.

Suzanne Fageol

Suzanne Fageol, MDiv, MSD
Suzanne was traumatized by a hurricane that she experienced in the Carribean and discovered somatic therapies in her quest to heal. It was Suzanne who led us to books by Peter Levine, PhD, and Robert Scaer, MD, and inspired us to recommend somatic therapies for emergency responders. Suzanne is a spiritual director, certified counselor, somatic trauma educator, CranioSacral therapist and life coach.

Lynn KiernanLyn Kiernan, chef & owner of Chef Lyn 4 Hire
By joyfully orchestrating a meal for more than 80 emergency responders and Whidbey CareNet providers in September of 2012, Lyn revealed how powerful it can be when people come together over a shared meal. She proved that the way to responders’ hearts is through their stomachs and helped build a bridge between providers and responders that we hadn’t been able to build in any other way. Since then, she has also forged a connection among providers through a shared meal.

Paige PetersPaige Peters, DOM
Paige is a doctor of oriental medicine and a certified practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, an approach to resolving and healing trauma developed by Peter Levine, PhD. Paige has witnessed and treated trauma on many levels, ensures that we understand how it affects emergency responders, and helps us find ways of relieving it.

Jim Carrol

Jim Carroll, retired firefighter/EMT
In serving as both a career and volunteer firefighter/EMT, Jim has seen it all. Because of that, he helps ground what Whidbey CareNet does in the real world and real lives of emergency responders. Jim is also a wedding and portrait photographer and has lent his considerable talents in photographing the dinner that Whidbey CareNet hosted for South Whidbey Fire/EMS in September of 2012.

Kathleen Noble, Ph.D.. 

Kathleen is a licensed clinical and counseling psychologist (since 1986), a professor at the UW who created the schools first minor in consciousness, and has deep personal and professional experience of grief, trauma, spiritual emergency, and recovery. She is also an author; her last book was Riding the Windhorse: Spiritual Intelligence and the Growth of the Self.



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