In Gratitude

Heartfelt thanks to the following people, whose donations of money, equipment, and effort have moved us deeply:


Deepest thanks to our providers, without whose generosity Whidbey CareNet would not exist.

Monetary donations

  • Drew Kampion made the first monetary donation to Whidbey CareNet and also promotes our organization through Drew’s List.
  • Duane and Carol Spangler made a monetary donation and also donated a printer for co-director Rob Harrison to use.

In-kind donations

  • Kevin Tatum (Wetpaint) procured a laptop for Rob.
  • Alyssa Roush set up Rob’s computer and made it functional. She also donated the iPhone 3 on which Rob, an active EMT and firefighter, receives pages from Island County Dispatch via text.
  • Shelly Mortvedt designed the Whidbey CareNet logo.
  • Mariam Ross has conducted research for Whidbey CareNet.

The Whidbey CareNet dinner

Generous donations from the following made the dinner that Whidbey CareNet served to emergency responders at the September 18 meeting of South Whidbey Fire/EMS possible:

The following donated countless hours of time to prepare and serve the Whidbey CareNet Dinner:

  • Lyn Kiernan, catering chef
  • Mindy Moody
  • Kirsten Bird